Pleased to meet you, Empty Internet Space…

This is where I am supposed to make my first blog post. Instead of being anonymous, which takes all the fun out of being naughty, I am supposed to identify myself, tell about my background, yadda yadda yadda. So here goes.

Mike Bauer. Born Wayne, Michigan, 6/15/1959. Model number white male, serial number ***-**-4364. 2 credit cards. Average health, average income, average anxiety level. Too old to be this immature. Clings to humor to stay sane, which is the mission of this blog. Hmmm. What else?

I very well could be called Mike Meissner as my paternal grandfather took on the Bauer name although his father’s surname was Meissner. Why? We’ll never know. So – that name is small part of me. I use it to disguise who I really am when I mess up on my 70s music show on the community radio station KRFY here in Sandpoint, Idaho. Yep, that’s where I live. Lucky me. When he moved here a friend of mine said “I’ll leave here when they take me away in a box.” Now he lives in Alaska. Life is funny.

So- I wonder if that’s enough of an introduction? Let’s get on with it already. I’m socially awkward enough and alcohol does not translate well over a blog. There’s nobody here to read this anyway.


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