Quality Time at Wal Mart

I let a half day slip irretrievably away yesterday at one of America’s favorite retail venues. I may have felt that I could have done a lot of other things with my time other than walk around Wal Mart, but I have to admit I did learn a few things. I learned if it after Labor Day, it’s time for Halloween, that celebration of all things dead, rotting and flesh-eating.

Folk Dylan or Electric Dylan?

I was delighted to see the display of guitar playing skeletons that could be members of the Grateful Dead.

I soon found out the best place to pass gas was the fragrance aisle.

When you come across sushi that’s on sale because it’s past it’s expiration date – probably a good idea to pass.

I learned that toilet paper can be soft, or it can be strong, but it can never be both. Life is so unfair.